I am writing to show my gratitude to each and every one of you for the help you have given me over the last nine weeks. I will never forget this experience. Each of you, in a different way, has made an impact on my recovery and your efforts will be etched upon my mind for eternity.

My addiction affected myself and my family on multiple levels; one of the most obviously devastating effects has been the toll on our finances. There were many occasions when I could have turned my back on the program, rolling the dice on my sobriety. Maybe I would have stayed clean, maybe I wouldn’t. Conversely, Sarah could have turned her back on me and simply have written me off as another statistic, or an unwilling client. But for whatever reason, I stuck with the program, and she stuck with me. I wanted to be here. I wanted “the gift” that the program offered me.

I believe that “gift” has been granted tenfold. I don’t know if it was the universe, God, or having someone who cares about me and understands exactly what I’m going through at this time in my life. Again, it doesn’t matter to me. The truth be told, this was the opportunity not of a lifetime, but of life.

I am eternally indebted to this program – and not on a financial basis, but a spiritual one. A foundation for my sobriety and a new way of life has been laid out for me and now it’s my responsibility to maintain it. During my time at this facility, I have also witnessed Sarah guide and assist other men and women through this process. Sometimes it was with tough love or a firm hand, but it was always from her heart.

This has been a tough and beautiful process and has made a deep impact on my life. I encourage anyone who may be at the point in life that I was in nine weeks ago, to make the leap. Give up, surrender to the process, and you too can be free from the hell that we know as addiction. As my counselor put it, “This is a hero’s journey”. It is mine to unfold as I see fit. Though the Journey starts with loss, pain, and anguish, I now have the power and strength to continue the journey with faith, redemption, and victory.


April 2017

Enrolling in the Intensive Outpatient Program has been one of the most life-changing decisions I that I have ever made. After several years of being in and out recovery, I made the choice to build a foundation for a strong recovery.

The setting for group therapy is safe and secure; the counselors are understanding and attentive to the needs of each individual in the group. The education on the the concepts and dynamics of addiction and recovery is so important in staying sober. In addition to the education about my disease, the counselors and the fellowship of other clients in the group have helped me learn the underlying causes for my addiction.

Without the assistance of a scholarship or grant, I wouldn’t have been able to partake in this priceless gift. I have been on disability and suffered financial hardship ever since I was rendered a paraplegic due to a gunshot wound as the result of my addiction.

I am eternally grateful to Sarah and her team for the opportunity that has been bestowed upon me. I hope someday to be able to pay it forward and help others to achieve sobriety and freedom from the bondage that addiction places us in.


June 2015

I didn’t want to go into a treatment program and I didn’t think I had a problem with alcohol, but I had so many problems coping with life and my family that I wound up in the hospital for an inclient mental evaluation.

While I was in the hospital, my husband had heard about Transformations Recovery from an acquaintance. Sarah came to see me in the hospital and talked with my husband and myself. My idea was to just have outpatient treatment but my social worker recommend that I begin treatment in the transitional housing. I didn’t want to be there at first. I was so uncomfortable during the first IOP meeting because I didn’t want people to know who I am.

Then, during my third IOP session, the topic was Honesty. Without really knowing what I was doing, I raised my hand and said, “My name is Shobie, and I am an alcoholic”. I had never said that out loud before in my life. The group went silent, and then everyone started clapping. Their reaction helped me to realize how closed up I’ve been for so long. I began to get in touch with my feelings of anger and denial that day. Somehow I was able to express and process those feelings so that they don’t feel like they are going to rule my life anymore.

The staff and the other clients in the program have been so wonderful. I have never felt like an outsider and everyone is so happy to help me learn new coping skills.

Tomorrow, I am 30 days sober. A friend from the IOP program brought me a plant that will grow taller than I am, so that I can watch it grow along with me.

I have six weeks left in the IOP program, and I am looking forward to new activities for the first time in years. When the program is finished, I want to take classes at my daughter’s school a few nights a week so that I can broaden my interests and learn healthy activities to enjoy with my family instead of drinking and arguing.

I am so grateful to my husband for finding this program. It is the best thing that could have ever happened to me and my family. Thanks for giving me a new way to live.


May 2015



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