When a full-length stay at a residential program may not be necessary

Drug and Alcohol Stabilization Program

Occasionally, a client may be in an outpatient program, IOP, or sober living home and a relapse occurs. Typically, these clients may not be using long enough to meet the criteria for a full-length residential or PHP program. Transformations Recovery offers a stabilization program that is particularly beneficial in these situations. We provide a safe, supportive, medical environment where clients have the opportunity to address the factors that may have led to their relapse.

The stabilization program at Transformations Recovery is unique in that each client is clinically assessed on an individual basis to determine if any medication will be needed to treat withdrawal symptoms. In most cases, medication will not be administered to clients in stabilization as their length of active use prior to admission has been relatively short.

Our approach to the concept of stabilization has proven to be very useful when working with third party programs, IOPs, and sober living homes. Our primary goal is to assess the client and determine the level of medical care required to properly treat and stabilize the individual. Upon receiving medical clearance, the client is then released back in to the care of the referring provider so that they may continue their treatment.


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